Water treatment products make pond work easy.

At Water’s Edge, we spend lots of time selecting, testing and evaluating our products. We want water gardening in this region to be the best it can be and that means providing durable, reliable materials and supplies that really work (without a lot of extra work) at reasonable prices (this is supposed to be fun) from manufacturers who back them up.

Each season we bring in new items to touch, feel, and try out. The products that make the grade end up on our shelves. With over a decade of field experience building and maintaining ponds, and growing aquatic plants, we’ve built close relationships with many different suppliers and often have the opportunity to preview new introductions. This gives us a chance to troubleshoot problems and (hopefully) speed up product improvements.

Reaching beyond our own operations, we’re actively involved with area water garden societies and work with many professional pond builders. We also communicate regularly with other water garden businesses and hobbyists around the country. The feedback and new product tips these other pond folk provide extends our knowledge and awareness.

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