Susan Davis (Left) and Deb Spencer (Right)
Water’s Edge started as a part-time backyard-basement business in the late 80’s. Partners Susan Davis and Deb Spencer helped pioneer the rapid growth of water gardening in our region. The operation quickly expanded and we opened our current retail site in 1993. Located at 9th and Indiana, just 6 blocks west of downtown Lawrence, Ks., the Water’s Edge retail shop is a very unusual garden center which attracts visitors from far and wide.

As soon as you walk into this jam-packed little shop, the emphasis on water and the many ways it can be used in and around the home is quite apparent. An indoor pond along with numerous wall and tabletop fountains accent the interior space which is filled with a wonderful selection of fine garden tools and uncommon garden-related gifts. In the "pump room", the concentration shifts from decorative to functional
products, with shelves and racks full of pumps, liners, filter equipment, plumbing parts and water treatment supplies.


Ornaments help enhance the natural beauty of your yard.Garden Supplies
At Water’s Edge our specialty is water gardening. We are committed to providing the best in pond-related plants and materials and to assist our customers with the information needed to build and maintain healthy ecosystems. Water in the garden is a natural. You will get more on-going pleasure and enjoyment from a pond than any other feature in your garden. Since each garden is different, we try to help each customer design a water feature to fit their space, their budget and their fantasy.

In our garden, you will find holding tanks full of aquatic and wetland plants. The selection is extensive, offering many varieties of
waterlilies, lotus, floating and marginal (bog) plants, the descriptions of which fill a 20 page plant list that also contains many cultural tips. Most of the winter hardy plant material is grown at our 5 acre farm site near Lake Clinton. You can see many of these plants locally at Powell Gardens and at the Kauffman Foundation wetland along with the many private gardens that are on area pond tours. 

The far end of the Water’s Edge garden is dedicated to display of several different types of water features which are used regularly to show and tell customers how easy they are to construct.  Free classes are given on many Saturdays during the growing season, demonstrating various aspects of pond-keeping like dividing and repotting plants, setting the pond up for spring and preparing it for fall and winter. We also have classes focused on building smaller water features and bubbling stone birdbaths.

Field Testing

Although Water’s Edge no longer builds or maintains ponds, we have many years of field experience, enabling us to assist many professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike with design and technical help regarding hydraulics, filtration, and plant selection. We know how plants perform in various settings, and we try out and field test many of the new products that are being introduced for water gardening and pond building. Several years ago, we began distributing water garden products to area pond contractors and other garden centers. By doing this we hope the end consumer gets sound advice and the best products as they establish and maintain their ponds.

At the store you will find lots to “ponder” and a helpful, knowledgeable staff which takes great pride in “Service with a smile.” We love this hobby and we're passionately dedicated to helping water gardening be the best it can be in our region.


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